Experienced in delivering rubber cables and cable accessories to the Industrial sector and sub sectors such as Data centres, Oil & Gas, Mining, Renewable’s, Marine & Rail projects worldwide.

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    Data centres

Industrial cables from 600 Volt to 35kV in single and multicore construction with a wide variety of jacket materials from PVC, LSZH, CPE. Popular products would be Type MC, MC-HL Armor X power cables suited for use in wet and dry areas, conduits, ducts, troughs, trays, direct burial and aerial supported by a messenger. Type MC-HL may also be referred to as CCW which stands for Continuous Corrugated Welded cable.

Southwire Industrial cables for low voltage, medium voltage and instrumentation cables
Industrial Power Cables

Introducing the Rhino brand for mining cables, whether you choose our standard grade 2000 Volt cables, our RHINOSHIELD™ premium grade cables or one of our top of the line RHINOFLEX™ products.

Rhinoflex is used with all portable, temporary or permanent power, mobile or stationary mining equipment, shuttle cars, mobile drills, pumps, roof bolters, conveyors and portable power where equipment grounding is required. Whereas our Rhinoshield Type SHD-GC is also an excellent choice for shovels, draglines, dredges, cranes and marine ships to shore power supply anytime extra durability is required.

Southwire’s Mining Cables

With heavy focus on renewable projects, we can deliver a complete solution for solar farms from our range of copper or aluminium PV wires, flexible DLO power equipment cable, medium voltages, substation cables right through overhead transmission conductors.

Southwire’s Solar Offering

We provide cables for data centre facilities, in areas such as lighting and temporary power in the early phases of construction, the wire, tools and equipment needed to install it during construction, and custom power delivery cables and breakers to the server. We are able to offer the complete solution for your next data center project, click on the picture below to get a clear idea on the products we supply.

Cables used in data centres
Southwire’s Data Centre Solutions
Southwire VFD
Southwire Terminating VFD cables
Southwire Machine Flex
Southwire MTC vs Shielded MTC vs VNTC
Southwire VFD Common Mode Current
Southwire’s VFD EMC Grounding Glands