Our unique touch goes a long way in dealing with some of the most intricate of program designs in equipping control panel builders, assembly houses, machine builders, OEMs & End Users with a wide variety of low voltage electronic wires and rubber and plastic portable cord cables and cable accessories in sectors such as Automotive, Electronics, EV, F&B, Machinery, Process & Control and Robotics, etc.

  • Automotive

Supplying a range of high performance low voltage electronic wires from high performance 50 & 75 Ohm radio frequency low-loss coaxial cables. Audio & video cables using structured cabling combinations as well as sound & security cables for general purposes, plus many more products.

Southwire Low Voltage cables consist of Fire Alarm, Access Control & Security cables. Coaxial Cables CATV, CCTV. Data and Audio & Video cables.
Low voltage cables

Portable Cord cables consist of a number of different rubber and plastic multi-core combinations for various applications such as portable lighting, appliance cords, hospital grade cords, welding and mining applications.

Southwire Portable Cord brands are supplied in rubber and plastic
Portable cord

Electric Vehicle Cables

Southwire’s Electric Vehicle Cables