In construction we are focused on sectors such as Commercial, Infrastructure, Retail as well as Government & Military projects using cables and cable accessories.

  • Commercial

Offering a wide variety of MC cables types and sizes from 600 V to 35 kV armoured cables, you’re certain to find the right product for all of your residential, commercial or industrial construction needs.

Southwire UL Metal Clad Cables or MC cables
Metal Clad Cables

A range of single and multicore conductors are primarily used in conduit and cable trays for services, feeders, and branch circuits in commercial or industrial applications as specified in the National electrical Code®. Popular Southwire UL cable range from THHN, XHHW, USE, RHH, RHW, MTW and the world famous Romex brand.

Southwire UL cables THHN, TFFN, MTW, XHHW, Romex, RHH, RHW, USE cables used in US Government & US Military projects.
Building wire and cable

Please click on the below pictures to view the many different cables used within residential and commercial buildings such as building wires, thermostat wire, security and fire alarm cables, MC cables, data/telecom and intercom/access control cables.

UL/CSA cables in the home
Residential Cables
UL/CSA cables in the offices
Commercial Cables

Check out the following videos on both commercial and residential buildings to give you a flavour of the products we supply.

Residential Building Solutions
Synergy Impact of Feeder Optimization – SIMpull Solutions®