Thompson Global Wire Solutions is a supplier of UL/CSA cable accessories, complementing their wide range of cables which meet UL/CSA standards.

Supplying LV, MV and HV joints/splices and terminations, metallic/non-metallic enclosures, cable glands, cable tray, tapes, conduit and conduit fittings, GFCI’s,  terminals such as copper, aluminium or bi-metallic lugs and a wide range of alternative connectors. Besides our standard products we are also supplying products for ATEX & IECEx environments for Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and High Voltage applications.

Here are some of the popular brands we supply, click on image below to view our line card:


BURNDY HYDENTTM Compression technology, part of the BURNDY Engineered System, provides a UL Listed connection for power, grounding and bonding.

Brundy Cable Accessories
BURNDY® Engineered System Catalogue
Small Terminals, Compression Connections, Shrink Tubing, Wire Management 


CMP Cable Glands
CMP Catalogue
Cable glands, cable cleats and cable accessories

Established as part of British Engines group in 1957, CMP Products is a specialist designer, manufacturer and supplier of cable glands, cable cleats and accessories.


Eaton’s energy-efficient power management products enable the management of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably.

Eaton Cable Accessories
Oil & Gas Catalogue
Cable Glands and Accessories for Oil & Gas
Hazardous Area Cable Accessories
Threaded Solutions Hazardous Areas Catalogue
Certified Threaded Solutions Hazardous Areas
Circuit Protection
Circuit Protection Catalogue
Fuses, Component Protection, Control Panels
Cable Trays
Cable Support Solutions Catalogue
Cable Ladder, Tray and Supports


ILSCO Cable Accessories
ILSCO Catalogue
Lugs, Spilt Bolts, Insulated Connectors, Insulation Piercing, Distribution Blocks

ILSCO has been making electrical connection products since 1894 – a range of power and grounding connectors and accessories. 


Penn-Union services the distribution, construction, utilities, power transmission, industrial, telecom, renewal energy, aerospace, rail systems and MRO markets.

PENN-UNION Cable Accessories
PENN-UNION Compression Connectors Catalogue
Copper Compression Lugs & Splices, Aluminum Compression Lugs & Splices
PENN UNION Cable Accessories
PENN-UNION All Products 2017 Catalogue
Electrical Connectors, Tools and General Electrical Accessories


TE Connectivity
The catalogue covers North American standards of connectors, LV, MV & HV voltage splice kits/joint kits and terminations

TE Connectivity is a global leader in a range of products – this catalogue focuses on North American standards of connectors, LV, MV & HV voltage splice kits/joint kits and terminations