VFD Cable Specification

Talk to us about your UL/CSA VFD cable specifications

Otherwise known as a variable-frequency drive, a VFD cable is a special cable construction that has some of the following features:

  • A symmetrical design that reduces the amount of bad stuff in the cable, such as common mode current and EMI.
  • An overall shield that keeps bad stuff such as electrical magnetic interference (EMI) from escaping.
  • A robust insulation system that keeps good stuff such as voltage and current from escaping.

At Thompson Global Wire Solutions Ltd we provide a variety of cables to fill your factory automation needs. Just some of the UL/CSA VFD cables we supply include:

Variable Frequency Drive VFD 600/1000 Volt Flexible Cable

Variable Frequency Drive VFD 600/1000 Volt with Signal Pair Flexible Cable & Servo Cable

Variable Frequency Drive VFD 600/1000 Volt Reduced Diameter Flexible Cable

3/C CU 2000V XLPE RHH/RHW-2 PVC Power Cable With Ground VFD

600V CU XLPE XHHW-2 Armor-X PVC Control Cable Type MC-HL with 3 Grounds, VFD Cable

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