Cables Accessories

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Alongside the vast range of cables and wires we provide; we also supply the relevant cable accessories that are in compliance with UL/CSA and international standards.

You can find cable accessories that are suitable for cable glands, cable joints, lighting, enclosures, terminations, cleats used within explosive atmospheres and other environments. Some of the popular products we supply are from the likes of Southwire, Appleton, Daikan, Hoffman, CMP, Panduit, Burndy, Thomas & Betts, Eaton and many more brands.

To give you an example of what we provide, we can offer:


  • Low Voltage Resin/Heatshrink Joints/Splice kits
  • Medium Voltage Cable Joints/Splice Kits in Heatshrink/Coldshrink

Indoor & Outdoor Terminations & Accessories-

  • Medium Voltage Heatshrink Terminations
  • Medium Voltage Coldshrink Terminations

Metallic Accessories-

  • Ethernet/Coaxial Connectors
  • Industrial/Hazardous Area, Flameproof & Nylon Glands
  • Cleats
  • Junction Boxes
  • Lugs
  • Crimp/Mechanical Connectors
  • Grounding Products

Heat Shrink Components

  • Anti Track / Sheds / Tape
  • MV Busbar Tubing
  • MV Anti Track And Conductive Breakouts
  • Repair Sleeves

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