International Suppliers

International Cable Accessories

Thompson Global Wire Solutions is a supplier of international cable accessories which complements their ranges of cables meeting IEC/British and other International standards.
The products include Joint Kits, Terminations, Cable tray and support systems, Lighting, Connectivity, Enclosures, Control Apparatus, Industrial Fittings, Motors, Electrical accessories and other specialty products. Note besides our standard products, we supply products for hazardous area environments.

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  • LV Resin Straight & Branch Joints
  • LV & MV Live Pot End/Abandonment
  • Airfield Lighting/Traffic Control Joints
  • Zero Halogen / Fire Resistant Joints
  • Cold Shrink Joints Up to 35kV
  • Universal Heat Shrink/Resin Joint
  • Universal Heat Shrink Joint 15kV
  • 1 Core & 3 Core Joints XLPE / PILC 17.5-33kV Earthing / Cross Bonding On Single Cores
Cable Accessories

Indoor and Outdoor Terminations & Accessories

  • Heatshrink Terminations XLPE / PILC 0.6-35kV
  • Coldshrink Terminations 7.2-35kV
  • Premolded Cable Termination for XLPE,  EPR and any Polymeric Insulation  Cable up to 52 kV Indoor & Outdoor – contact us for higher voltages
  • Accessories: Bushing Boots / Earth Kits, Applied Bushing Boots, Glands / Armour Earthing, Insulators and Brackets, Triplex Terminations for 12kV Cables
Indoor Outdoor Terminations

Metallic Accessories

  • LV/MV Copper/AL Compression Lugs/Ferrules
  • LV/MV Mechanical Shearbolt Lugs/Ferrules
  • Ethernet/Coaxial Connectors
  • Industrial/Hazardous Area, Flameproof & Nylon Glands
  • Roll Springs / Earth Braids / Mesh
  • Junction boxes
  • Cleats
  • Cable Preparation Tools
Metallic Accessories

Heat Shrink Components

  • Anti Track & Stress Control Mastic Tape
  • Black Melt Tape / EPR Tape / Zero Hal Tape
  • LV & MV Busbar Heat Shrink Tape
  • Thin Wall Heat Shrink Sleeve
  • Thick / Medium Wall Heat Shrink Tube
  • Zero Halogen LSF Heat Shrink Tube
  • Anti Track / Sheds / Tape
  • MV Busbar Tubing
  • MV Anti Track And Conductive Breakouts
  • Breakout Boots/End Caps Wraparound Repair
Heatshrink Components