Portable Cord Cables

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Southwire provide a wide range of portable cord brands that can be used in a range of applications such as compressors, robotic systems, motor controls, portable tools, portable machinery, welding and lots more.

At Thompson Global Wire Solutions Ltd we can provide you with a range of portable cord types such as:

See our website for more information along with their specifications. Whether you’re looking for portable cord cables such as SVT, SJT, SJTW, SOOW, SJOOW, SJTOW, SEOOW, SJEOOW, SJTOOW, STOW, SPT-1, SPT-2 and welding cables as well as industrial cords like DLO, Type W, Type G, Type G-GC, MP-GC and SHD-GC

you’re certain to find the right one for your requirements.

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