Low Voltage Electronic Wires

We can provide you with a range of low voltage electronic wires

At Thompson Global Wire Solutions Ltd we can offer a variety of low voltage electronic wires from Southwire’s range that come under the names Tappan, Signawave and Signal.

They are suitable to be used in various set ups such as access control, fire alarm systems, sound & security, CCTV/CATV, audio & video, datacom and telecom.

Amongst the range of wires we supply, Southwire’s Tappan access control cables are a popular choice. Ideal for access control doors, card readers, locks and door contacts, the Tappan wire require a quick and easy installation thanks to its colour coded design.

Southwire also provide a range of multi-conductor plenum and riser cables in shielded and unshielded formats, allowing you to find the perfect wire for your exact requirements.

Known for being an incredibly reliable cable, correct installation is absolutely vital as a lot of the work that it does goes on behind the scenes as it performs vital functions.

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